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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Immigrant, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. I've never sold a bass on TB before, so I thought I'd try before throwing this thing on eBay.

    I've decided to give up attempting to rescue my SD Curlee Yankee II 32” scale bass. I bought it on eBay about a year ago and I knew it was going to need a lot to get it back into playing shape, but I've since acquired a different medium scale four string that I like a lot, so either this gets parked for a while or sold.

    Some work has been done to it, to no avail. The neck is warped (a common Curlee problem) and the truss rod seems to have some wiggle room in the channel. Prior to being certain of that, I had a reputable repair shop do a fret level, general cleanup, install a new un-plated Hipshot “A” bridge and a new pickup selector switch. Another TBer claimed that this model should've been active, but this isn't. The pots are original (I think) and work fine. The pickups are original Dimarzios that are super hot. It actually has a lot of very usable tones, from growly to clean thump. Stamped on the (what I think is original) back plate is the number 4366.

    After the initial work, it played pretty good for a couple of months, but slowly the action rose and the warp was more evident. There may be a way to fix the existing neck (beyond MY capabilities), or maybe ship it off to Birdsong for a rehab, which I don't have the desire or cash to do right now. Included is a “case” that is held shut with a rubber strap, kind of like a bungee cord.

    Photos: https://picasaweb.google.com/109357233047227576267/SDCurlee

    PRICE DROP/Ammended
    $300 shipped CONUS. I'm more than willing to entertain reasonable offers. I know it needs a lot of work. I'll reply to PMs as soon as I can but as some of you already know, I'm half a lunkhead.
  2. Bump for price drop above^.

    I guess there's no love for Curlees out there...:rolleyes:
  3. lmfreeman9

    lmfreeman9 Supporting Member

    Sep 1, 2007
    Cool basses.
    Randy Curlee died a few years ago and I'd guess 90% of TB members haven't heard of these.
  4. fubarguitars1


    May 5, 2010
    I have 4353.Yankee II.Almost a twin to yours.
    I may need to think about reuniting these rwo.
  5. theretheyare

    theretheyare Supporting Member

    Sep 4, 2010
    Brooklyn, NY
    Endorsing: Arkham Vacuum Tube Amplification
    Bump for the almighty Curlees. My own Yankee II (a later one than yours) is currently in restoration.
  6. Sold!

    I'll close this thread as soon as I can figure out how.:p

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