FS: Shure, AKG, Sennheiser mics; Soundcraft mixer

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  1. kettch


    Jan 19, 2009
    I've got a number of microphones that are left over from my old studio and engineering gigs that are not getting used any more. They are all in mint condition with the original boxes. One mic does not have a box but I do have an extra mic bag for it and the mic itself is still in mint condition. Don't mind the white tape in the pictures, I took the picture before I took off the tape and it was low-adhesive tape I used just to ID my gear.

    Prices are with shipping. Paypal for shipped items, Paypal or cash if anyone happens to be local.

    AKG C430 twin set $220

    These are great overhead mics for drum kits or other percussion. They are packaged as a pair but are not stereo matched.


    Sennheiser MD 518 (no box but will include bag) $45

    This is a relatively rare cardioid vocal mic from Sennheiser that I came across "used"...you wouldn't even be able to tell it is used. I actually contacted Sennheiser directly and got put through to one of their engineers a number of years ago and found out it was the predecessor to the Evolution series that we know of today. It was only available briefly in the US apparently. It's a pretty good mic, a shame there weren't more of them made.


    Sennheiser e902 $120

    This is primarily a great kick drum or bass guitar cab mic, but I've tried it in a number of situations as well and it's served fantastically. I much prefer this over the Shure Beta52/52A and it's right up there with the AKG D112 as one of my favorite kick mics to use depending on the particular kick being used.


    Shure drum kit DMK57-52 $275

    This is one of Shure's combo packs with 3 SM57s, a Beta 52A and 3 of the percussion mounts with clips.


    Soundcraft Spirit Folio SX mixer $300

    I also have a Soundcraft mixer that I used to use for small shows but which I no longer use. It's a fantastic portable mixer with 12 mic pre channels, 2 stereo channels and a 4-bus output. It comes with a brand new power supply unit that goes for $80 alone and which I've used only once since getting it directly from Soundcraft to replace the original after an idiot dragged a crate over it. I'd prefer this to be sold locally because I don't have the original box or a case (I always carried it by hand cause I'm paranoid), but I could get my hands on one if necessary and add a bit to the asking price. I'm the second owner but it has been well taken care of. It is missing one knob but you'd hardly notice.

  2. juanpurple


    Feb 11, 2014
    Do yu still have the Sennheiser e902 ?
  3. kettch


    Jan 19, 2009
    No, sorry. The only item left is the mixer. I completely forgot about this post, haha.