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FS:Shure E2 in ear monitor earphones -NIB 4 mp3 & IPOD

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by wzrdofgz, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. *****SOLD pending $$ from vicenzajay..thanks!!*****
    Posting for new in box Shure E2 in ear monitor earphones -bought 2 sets but only need 1 ** $80 includes shipping :)
    The E2 features a high energy driver in a distinctive comet-shaped enclosure that creates fuller, richer sound than any earbud is capable of producing. The E2's feature: High-performance driver for powerful sound output in a small-format design Optimizes the acoustic environment around the driver for the best possible sound High-performance dynamic speakers Fit Kit: 3 pairs (S, M, L) of disposable foam sleeves and three pairs (S, M, L) of re-useable flex sleeves Secure, in-ear design Sound isolating design 62-inch (1.57 m) cable Low-profile cable path Cable adjustment tube Zip case with cable spool

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  3. I'm interested...just weighing the cost compared to new. Jay
  4. it's for one set & they are brand new, never opened in the box :ninja:
  5. I'm thinking hard about this - would love to use these for my own stage monitoring.

    Back to you later this evening.

  6. that's what i've been using them for..couldn't be happier w/ them. especially since they have all the different fittings to choose from.
    btw, how do you like the qsc? i've got the 3402 that i'm thinking about selling/trading? any idea what that might sell for on the used market? thanks.
  7. I love mine...if your 3402 is in good shape, you could probably get $700-800+ for it - maybe even a bit more...2402's in good shape seem to fetch 6-700 used.

    How did you hook up your monitor feed to the E-2's? Was it a direct feed from an aux send from the P.A.?

  8. I'd like the E-2's.... :cool:

  9. mainly been going thru the drummers headphone amp..otherwise, thru an individual headphone amp w/ 1/4" going to the PA.
  10. Is on the way.


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