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SOLD FS Shuttle 9.0

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by bb03, Nov 23, 2010.

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  1. bb03


    Mar 1, 2009

    As new Genz Benz Shuttle 9.0 head for sale. Bought brand new 3 weeks ago from an authorized internet dealer. It has, at most, an hour of (at home) play time. Factory box, power cord, and all paperwork included. 3 year transferable warranty. Will be double boxed for safe shipment.

    $660.00 shipped (lower 48 only).
  2. bb03


    Mar 1, 2009
  3. is that the 900 watt lightweight? also where are you in CT or pm me, I'll be in CT this weekend, Clinton to Torrington.

    TALL&STOUT Supporting Member

    Oct 31, 2008
    San Diego
    The Shuttle 9.0 weighs next to nothing. The rest of my band is jealous that my amp is lighter than the beer I bring to practice. Bump for my favorite micro amp.
  5. MarTONEbass

    MarTONEbass Supporting Member

    Jun 19, 2009
    Norton, MA
    • Ultra Lightweight 4 lb Design
    • 500W/8 ohms; 900W/4 ohms
    • Analog 12AX7 Tube Preamp
    • Digital SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply)
    • High Current Class D Amplifier
    • Patent Pending P.H.A.T topology
    • Active EQ w/Parametric Mids
    • 3-Band Signal Shape Circuit (Footswitchable)
    • Signal Mute Switch (Footswitchable)
    • Tuner Out
    • Extended Range Input Gain Structure for Active/Passive Sensitivity
    • Limiter Circuit
    • LED Status Indicators
    • SpeakonĀ® Speaker Outputs
    • Variable Speed Internal Fan Cooling
    • Full XLR Direct Out Interface
    • Aux. Input
    • Headphone Jack
    • Effects Loop
    • Optional Footswitch available
  6. Trade you for a minty Sansamp RBI and QSC Power Amp.
  7. EduardoK


    Jun 28, 2004
  8. bb03


    Mar 1, 2009
    No thanks on the QSC, and Sansamp...your 21012 is slightly tempting, though.:)

    Thanks to TALL&STOUT, and MarTONEbass for the sales assists.

    PMs inbound to Ajrocks, and Eduardo K.

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. hmmmm....I have a 1212L and my 21012L. I was thinking of running two 1212L's.........
  10. bb03


    Mar 1, 2009

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