FS: Sonic B610T (Iowa Local)

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    I am finally to the point that I have to downsize my rig. I have upgraded to a larger cab and more powerful amp. I no longer have use for this cab. I know I'll eventually regret doing this because this cab is surprisingly nice.

    The cab is in good condition. Everything works and sounds awesome. You will not find a better 610 cab in this price range. Visually, it looks used. The gray carpet covering has some signs of wear. It won't pass as a new cab but don't let that scare you away. This sounds unbelievable when considering the price.

    I bought it used for $300 a few months ago. These cabs are tricky to find and pop up in Music Go Round stores for anywhere between $300 and $400; there are three of these in Kentucky going for $350 each. I'll let mine go for a cool $220 in cash. I'm located in northeastern Iowa but am willing to drive to meet. I have a lot of free time right about, until I go back to the university. Send me a PM and we can discuss meeting if you are interested.

    Unfortunately, I will not have a head to use for demo purposes. If you are interested in trying it out then you can bring one of your own. You also have my word that the cab is in excellent working condition.

    Here are some details for your consideration:

    - 550 watts @ 5.3 ohms. It's an odd impedance but I just treat it like a 4 ohm cab.
    - It has wheels and handles for easy transport. The wheels squeak a lot so I'll put WD40 on them. If the issue comes back it should be as simple as a squirt of lube to bring it back to silence.
    - The cab weighs around 111 pounds, according to the Sonic site. It sounds like a lot but it is a really compact cabinet. I was surprised at how small it is.
    - I am pretty sure that it is sealed. I have looked for ports but haven't seen any.

    I am not on my own computer so I do not have access to pictures. I'll upload some as soon as I log on on my laptop. If you've seen my posts in the Rigs of Doom threads then you may have seen this cab. It still looks the same because it has been in my home since buying it.

    Don't be shy to shoot me an offer or to see how far I'm willing to travel. :smug:

    I am not really looking for trades. I could use the cash. I would consider throwing in some cash for the right micro amp. I'm not expecting many offers like that to pop up, though.

    Pictures to come soon and thank you for looking!


    Pictures update!