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FS: Source Audio BEF Pro & Line 6 Bass POD XT Live with case...

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by borton6544, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. Hi TB'ers. I have two items for sale.

    First is the infamous Source Audio Bass Envelope Filter PRO version. Bought brand new roughly 2 months ago, and comes with the box, the power supply, and all that a brand new pedal would have. Has never been gigged, no spills, no scratches (photo has fingerprints on it, but they obviously can be wiped off). Barely even used. Has velcro on bottom in order to sit on my pedal board, but other than that, it might as well be new. Paid $219 + tax + shipping. Yours for $190 shipped in continental USA.

    Second, I have a Line 6 Bass POD XT Live multi-effects pedal - and it comes with a Line 6 case I bought separately. I bought from the fine folks at Bass NW in Seattle about 4 months ago for $249, was like new then and came in the original box with manual. Like new condition condition then, and still the same now. Comes with the box and manual (though I've made some highlights and notes in the manual), and I'm obviously selling with the $60 case included. Has original power supply. Would like $185, and will include shipping in that price (continental USA only, shipping probably around $30, so net cost of unit is $155). This unit has never been gigged, is built like a tank, and is a great multi-fx unit... especially at this price. Hard to beat.

    No foreign shipping, sorry. As to references, while I have not done alot of posting on TB, I am 500+ transaction Ebayer with 100% positive feedback under user name "borton6544." Paypal preferred. If interested, please PM me. Brian



  2. BEF Pro is now sold. Bass POD XT Live still available.
  3. Bass POD XT Live gone. Thanks. Thread closed.

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