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SOLD FS: Spector Euro 4 Black Cherry Finish Solid Maple Wings EMG BT Pre Amp $1k Shipped!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by BassSurfer, Mar 19, 2013.

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  1. I now have an AMAZING opportunity to locally acquire a Brooklyn era NS-2 from a friend who is offering it to me for an out of this world price.

    To fund my new NS-2, I will be selling my newly acquired Euro which I just recently traded for last week. As most of you may know, the highly regarded Black Cherry is VERY difficult to photograph without the proper lighting fixtures and or camera equipment. In other words, an IPhone camera is certainly NOT going to cut it. :help: Did I mention that the Black Cherry finish is BEAUTIFUL?!

    This Euro's serial number is 3097. It has arguably the most comfortable neck I have ever played and sounds HUGE. Seriously, I have NEVER played an open A string (or any open string in general) with this much depth and deep clarity. Thanks to this Euro, I am SOLD on Spector in general.

    This baby has a EMG BT PreAmp which sounds great. Beautifully constructed, solid maple wings, and a great feel. These basses deserve more credit than they are given. They are NOT USA made Spector basses, but they are still a 10/10 on my own scale. Beautiful Czech build quality/quality control. I now understand why Spector is so loved on here.

    It will ship in an official, original Spector case that is worn in but still functions perfectly. I can get some pictures of that sent to your email or phone if need be. I have never adjusted the action, truss rod, or anything else on this bass. It is in GREAT condition with some minor wear near the pickups due to the prior owner's playing style - but nothing bad/serious. It is difficult to photograph, but I will do my best if you desire to see it for yourself. Again, nothing "bad" or anything that will alter this Spector's sound or playability. Comes from a smoke free home and was never gigged in its short time with me.

    I am VERY firm on this price and will NOT be disappointed if I cannot move it. The former owner, prue, gave me an EXCELLENT deal on this thing and was SUPER cool to work with throughout the entire transaction. My friend has an NS-2 that he want ME to have due to some assistance I gave him during the whole Hurricane experience we both shared. It can definitely wait and I can always just go there and play it! :bassist:

    Please send me a PM with any questions, comments, or concerns. I will get back to you all as quick as I possibly can.



    REMEMBER: Additional pictures can be sent in better lighting and backgrounds... I just realized I did not post any pictures of the back but can do that later or upon your immediate request.


    I am looking for $1,000 shipped and insured in the CONUS.

    If anyone needs better pictures, PLEASE do NOT hesitate to send me a PM, an email to carlantoun@savewashingtonstreet.org OR a text message to (646) 529-1426.
  2. dephex


    Feb 16, 2011
    And the price is?
  3. price is located on the bottom of the listing! :)

    You may not see it if you have the darker, blue background as your template.
  4. Moooon


    Nov 15, 2011
    oh,no.I can's see the pics...%>_<%
  5. Really? They are showing up perfectly for me! Can anyone else confirm this?
  6. Pics are showing up for me. Glwts!
  7. Thanks for the confirmation MeLikeBass!Also, I will take a MIA P Bass as a trade plus some cash from you.
  8. This thing sounds WAY to good... I'm holding onto this. If anyone has any last minute attempts, I'll listen. Locked/Closed.

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