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FS: Spiro Orch. Strings

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by David Kaczorowski, Aug 5, 2002.

  1. They were on my bass for exactly two weeks (the first week while I was on vacation and didn't play much); I played one gig on them. I think $80 (plus postage) might be fair, but will consider other offers.
  2. Well, I'm not very surprised you decided to sell them... :)
    At least, a lot less than when I read that you were getting them a few weeks ago...
  3. Chris Fitzgerald

    Chris Fitzgerald Student of Life Staff Member Administrator

    Oct 19, 2000
    Louisville, KY
    These are the Reds, right? I could use a spare set, but would prefer not to d*** with all of the complicated payment methods people sometimes use over the net. If you're cool with a simple check, consider them sold.
  4. Actually I put weichs on now. The orchs. were too heavy. The pressure on the belly had a muting effect. The weichs are much clearer and louder on my bass. My bass sounds wide-open, and the weichs don't sound all that dissimilar than the Pirastro guts do for the first couple of months.
  5. Actually, I quickly removed the Eudoxas from my bass.
    The amplified sound was horrible to me.
    Bright, nasal and uneven.
    And I'm not speaking of the weather sensitivity.
    I'm back with a very warm steel string setup:

    Original Flats E and A
    Jargar mediums D and G

    Love them! :)
  6. Jeremy Allen

    Jeremy Allen Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2002
    Bloomington, IN
    I just put Eudoxas on my bass (the D and G, at least) yesterday for the first time, and I'm, well, shocked at how crappy they sound. They don't seem to be an improvement in any way over Spirocore weichs, except that they're thicker and so feel a bit nicer under the fingers. Plus the windings at the top extend beyond the nut, over the fingerboard, which is a bit awkward. Every string deserves a fair break-in, though, so I'll give them that.
    David K: I've read many posts on here indicating that you were very happy with Olivs, a string I've always wanted to try. I wonder why you switched (back? or no?) to weichs, the only string I've ever been really happy with and the one to which I always return.
    To paraphrase Waylon Jennings: "Well, I got a good set of strings, what's the matter with me? What makes me wanna love every string I see?"
  7. First, the Olivs are thicker than the Eudoxas. I've never used Eudoxa D and G, but I suspect the Olivs are probably louder and fuller, while the Eudoxas are brighter and more similar to an all-metal string.

    I was previously using Olivs on G and D, and Eudoxas on A and E. They all sounded absolutely wonderful (so much that I didn't mind the constant retuning for the first several weeks, I could have lived with it) for the first four or five months they were on. But around here as in NYC, I think, humidity levels in the 50% range are considered low, and can fluctuate great. When the humidity shot up, the gut soaked up the moisture and would go flat forcing me to tune them up. Then the humidity would drop, the strings would release moisture and be very sharp and have to be de tuned. Many months of this combined with my right hand technique just killed the strings in about 6 months. They wouldn't speak rapidly enough (they were kinda slow to begin with but I compensated) and at times sounded dead.

    Before spending another $250 on strings that I'd kill in 6 months I decided I needed to try Spirocores. I'd recently heard them on another bass and was stunned at how great they sounded, not at all thin and whiny the way they supposedly do.
  8. Monte


    Jan 9, 2001
    DFW Area, Tejas
    I'm becoming rapidly convinced that the thin whiny sound only comes from Spirocores with a really low action. I've played several like this, and they all sounded the same. On the other hand, bassists like Bob Hurst and Rodney Whitaker have big full sounds but use Spiros with a higher action.

  9. Dave Holland plays medium Spiros and have a big sound too.
    The setup (sound post in particular) is very important.

    David: did you try Pirastro Jazzers?
    They are about the same tension than Weich Spiros, and sound fuller IMO.
    I don't know about their arco ability though!

    Of course, I can't remain silent about Jargars.
    On my recommendation, someone here tried Spiros E and A with Forte Jargar D and G and seemed to be very satisfied.
    The thread is in the Strings forum.
  10. A lot of Dave Holland's sound comes from is amplification set-up.

    I haven't tried Jazzers.

    I'm kinda suprised at how flexible the weichs are. They might be even more flexible than the Pirastro gut. I think I'm starting to dig these.
  11. Jeremy Allen

    Jeremy Allen Supporting Member

    Mar 18, 2002
    Bloomington, IN
    I've only heard Holland on (unamplified) studio recordings, and his sound seems pretty fat to me. (of course, recording techniques are capable of much; one of Cecil McBee's recordings from 1996 features a great big, warm tone, and in the year I studied with the guy I never heard anything but a quiet, rather nasal/thin sound come out of whatever bass he played). Talkbass.com conventional wisdom says that tone starts in the player and only makes it out of the amp if it was in the fingers and the bass to begin with.
    Which must be how people like Ray Brown, Percy Heath, Christian McBride, Dave Holland, and Larry Grenadier all got/get wonderfully full, rich sounds with Spirocores. And I've heard both Ray Brown and Marc Johnson in concert play beautiful arco features on them that were neither scratchy nor thin.
    Hmmm...think I've talked myself into taking those Eudoxas off and putting the weichs back on...
  12. I haven't heard him live, but I've been told by several who have that he relies heavily on his amplification (he among many others). I love Dave's playing. His sound on his recordings is certainly *thick*, though I really don't care for it. I like a round, open sound.
  13. wesi44


    Nov 23, 2002
    Florence, Italy
    After over 25 years of using Spirocore ( my EUB still has a set on I have been using for over 12 yrs and still have wonderful sustain on the A and E this can be verified on the Live at the Artist Club with Ron Getz and Don Julin CD) - I really try to keep the string and my hands clean- longer string life ! My Luthier set up a new bass for me with the Jazzer and I have to say these string for me - I play a metal string and want a big thick,really growling sustain - These strings do the job and have less tension than my spirocores which I really

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