SOLD FS: Sunbust Variax 705 w/ all supplies

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by steelin4u, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. steelin4u

    steelin4u Supporting Member

    Hi TBers,

    I just got this bass a few months back, but a chance to get a bass I've wanted for a long time just came up. The original thread can be found here: The only flaw is a tiny chip near the belly cut.

    I've had a Variax 700 and a 705, and they are great playing basses. Some compare their playability/craftsmanship to Fender MIM basses. After owning two MIM basses and 2 Variax basses, the Variax basses are a bit tighter in the neck pocket and adjusted better to where I like to play compared to Fender MIM.

    Anyhow, this bass is in the same shape as when I received it (or better since I polished it) and it's ready to go. This bass is FS only, and comes with original Line 6 bag in great shape, DI/power module, AC adapter, and a TRS cable for only [DEL]$800 shipped [/DEL] $750 Shipped CONUS! Here's your chance to own an awesome modeling bass!

    From Line 6:
    Variax Bass 705 Features
    Practical, instantly familiar controls
    Contoured alder body
    Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard
    21 medium profile frets
    1.8" nut width
    34" scale length
    10" fingerboard radius
    Standard 1/4" guitar cable output jack
    Digital I/O RJ45 jack for future updates and additional sounds
    Included XPS-DI direct box and power supply features:
    1/4" standard guitar cable output for connection to any bass rig
    XLR balanced output for sending signal to a recording console or house PA
    Powers the Variax Bass using included TRS cable
    Powered by XPS-DI or on-board batteries (six AA or one 9-volt)
    Custom-fitted heavy-duty gig bag
    Available in Black or Sunburst
    Variax Bass 705 Models based on*:
    1961 Fender® Jazz Bass®
    1960 Fender® Jazz Bass® with flatwound strings
    2004 Fender® Deluxe Jazz Bass®
    Fretless 1961 Fender® Jazz Bass®
    1963 Fender® Precision Bass®
    1958 Fender® Precision Bass® with flatwound strings
    1977 Music Man® Sting Ray®
    2003 Modulus® Flea Bass
    1971 Rickenbacker® 4001
    1963 Rickenbacker® 4001 with flatwound strings
    1966 Danelectro® Longhorn Bass
    1963 Höfner® Model 500/1 with flatwound strings
    1963 Gibson® Thunderbird 4
    1966 Gibson® EB-2D with flatwound strings
    2002 MTD® 535 35-inch scale
    2003 Warwick® Thumb
    1978 Alembic Long Scale
    1984 Steinberger® XL2
    1968 Hagström® H8
    1994 Hamer® B12A
    2003 Tacoma® Thunderchief
    1949 Kay® M-1
    Inspired by classic Moog MiniMoog bass sounds
    Inspired by modern bass synth sounds

  2. steelin4u

    steelin4u Supporting Member

    Up to evilbay it goes! Price dropped to $750 shipped!
  3. steelin4u

    steelin4u Supporting Member

  4. steelin4u

    steelin4u Supporting Member

    Sold (for your reference, $784).
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