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FS: SWR Goliath III 4ohm

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by unatratnag, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. Not much to say about this
    It's about 3 months old and gigged less then 5 times so it's close to new as new gets.

    I can post pics when i get my camera tomorrow but there's not much excitement to it. It will look like they do when you take them out of the box. No dings, scratches, breaks, bends, no nothing.

    Pretty much "like new" to use a catch phrase condition. It comes with wheels so it's never really a pain to move. I'd prefer a local pickup with this obviously. I travel the midwest so hit me up and let me know!

  2. here's the pic to prove it exists ;)

    Let me know if you're interested in my fretless corvette or even possibly my FNA LTD 2004 too. FNA is still just a thought, will decide after this weekend if i'll sell maybe. See Classifieds Bass section for details on fretless. I'd cut a special deal if you wanted a bass with it as well. Pic not the greatest but if really needed I can set up whatever angle shot you want of the G3 or you can just swing by to check it out. It's in brand new condition essentially!

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  3. bump
  4. How was it in a gig situation? I'm sure it could cut through the mix, but hows the low end, especially for a low B?
  5. Hi Theroan,

    Just to comment on both your statements, As you mentioned it's really fantastic in the band situation. I know some fellow TBers have written reviews on them which you can check out, but SWR has that knife through butter effect where with proper EQ, you can make a severely underpowered amp upfront and center with the mix because it can sit so powerfully in the mix. I posted something on this recently in the SWR hate' em love 'em thread i think. I know IvanMike who has been great at reviewing stuff as well supports SWR and feels that it shines best in a band situation. I would agree.

    As for your low B inquiry, SWR is known for having a powerful lowend. "more lowend" as they say in their ads i think. For a walnut (laminate maple) bass I have it can acheive an incredible low end. Just stricking the low B or even low F# as i have can be felt (not just heard). And that's at half power with a GK1001. SWR is tinted a little bit in the low mids. The tweeter control is something you can mess around with to find the correct amount of tweeter to sit with your band.

    It's an excellent cab and I feel it's underrated here on TB. I like it by itself. Very powerful and easy to move. Fits easily in the back of sedan if needed. But I LOVE it and where it shines, is in a band. It has the sharp blade to cut through if needed, and if not you can have it sit perfectly in the mix and rock everyone's body in on the stage easily even with a low B. I've actually owned 2 G3s. I sold one already which saw the most action. This is my second G3 and i have not played it much since it was the backup full stack option used a few times so it's not even broken in really. But please, feel free to research what others think of it as well. I just know that the low end is not just powerful, it's a presence. Please check it out at any local store if you can. Good luck with any amp searching you may do! Cheers

  6. PM Sent
  7. working on deals again , let's see how many can fall through
  8. On HOLD, thanks for everyone's interest.