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    SWR SM1500 I bought brand new from Atlanta Bass Gallery about 2 years ago as open box. I did not get a footswitch or manual but was brand new. I use this in my studio and it’s always been racked in a G-Shock case with rear shelf bracket and never taken out of the studio. I use it for recording and keeping up with two loud guitar players and a heavy hitting drummer and it does it with a yawn. It never gets more than warm and I have never pushed it because it would crumble the building our studio is in.
    Yes everyone is getting into micro heads and they are good for convenience and mobility and some sound great. This for me was for recording and getting any tone you could imagine at any volume you could imagine with a real 4 knob tube compressor and insane flexibility in the input stage and output. If you have a studio and need a head that can do anything tone and reliability wise and you don’t need to move it often it’s amazing. Not heavier than some tube heads I have lugged around in my younger years. 67 Lbs. I would sell it in the G-Shock case without the power conditioner. It’s mint and has never ever given me one issue it works and has worked flawlessly. Only moving to fund other gas that gasX isn’t taking away.
    Asking $1,475 in the G-Shock rack (no power conditioner) shipped east of the Mississippi out to west coast must check shipping charges could be a little salty with insurance...
    • Twin power amps with three modes of operation
    • Bridge (mono) mode—1,500 watts @ 4-ohms
    • Stereo mode—750 watts @ 2-Ohms (per side)
    • Bi-Amp mode—with adjustable crossover frequency
    • Tube preamp fueled by a 12AX7 dual triode tube
    • Two front panel inputs plus one rear panel input with input select switch to accommodate multiple bass guitar setups
    • World renowned SWR Aural Enhancer tone shaping
    • World-class Compression with Comp Position selection
    • Four Footswitch selectable features
    • Bass Intensifier for maximum impact
    • Boost to accent solos
    • Three Semi-Parametric Equalizer configurations—choose from two independent 3-band Eq's or combine them into one 6-band
    • EQ
    • Stereo/mono Effects Loop with Effects Blend control
    • Traditional Bass/Treble tone controls
    • Speakon and 1/4" speaker outputs

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    Side shots...

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    I have had experience with one of these and I have to say that it is one of the best heads on the market! Only thing I didn't like was carrying it. But it is one solid amp. LOUD and CLEAR!
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    Dec 30, 2008
    Oh my! What a beast!
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    Jun 22, 2013
    total beast!
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    Make an offer / trade bump
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    Has everyone moved to 3.8 Lb amps bump?
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    Yes I know this is an old thread. So I'm just rambling here but wondering whether you ever sold it? What did you get for it? If you sold it, what did you replace it with?

    I also bought one of the last ones available on ebay (probably same gallery in Atlanta.) It's too heavy to move with regularity but it is the ultimate amp for a studio. I'm really torn between selling and just keeping it.

    I also have an new SM-900 (yep, Bass Gallery,) a JSX, either of which I can pair with an axe-fx. But I'm thinking I should just rid of all these amps in favor of a micro head that will pull double duty with both guitar and bass since the axe-fx can pretty much do all the dialing for tone so there's not really any need for parametric eq and tube compressors, plus the JSX has no reverb.

    By the way, there's a sm-1500 foot switch available on reverb right now if you still need one.

    Any thoughts? Thx for your reply.