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FS/T:Gold Tuck-n-Roll Kustom K200B Exc Cond Late 60s!!!!

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by DryWater'Bass, Mar 7, 2004.

  1. Beautiful Gold Tuck and roll, with some discoloration...Not unheardof with these vintage amps.

    This thing is loud and ballsy,

    This is a 200B model with 2 channels(Bright and Normal) and 4 inputs, Low and high for both channels.

    It has Bass Treble Volume and bright on both channels, The bright channel aditionally has Reverb and Tremolo(Speed and Intensity)

    Two speaker Outs and 200W.This is all solid state, and all mean .

    I'd prefer to sell, and any resonable offers will be entertained.
    If you're into trading I'll take any of the follwing(Plus Cash):
    Bassballs(US or Russian)
    Morley Bass Dual Wah(Or any good sounding wah)
    Bass Distortion or Overdrive
    Bass Choruses, Flangers or Phasers
    Rack(6 Space)
  2. B-to the U-M-P...

    This thing is in fairly good condition, make an offer...

    Good vintage amp...great for someone who needs a loud arse amp.
  3. Bump it baby one more time...

    Well...This thing at 8 o clock is enough to knock stuff off of my walls...I layed it up to about 11 and I couldn't hear for about an hour.This thing is super loud...It's petite on power rating, but this is a conservatively rated amp...this thing can just about blow my hartke out of the water volume wise...I haven't AB'd them, but I know it can handle most gigs, if you've got a good cabinet.This is built like the old peave Mark IIs,IVs and VIIIs...LOUD and clear....and right in your ears./...Make an offer on this thing....
  4. jim primate

    jim primate bass guitarist.

    i got a dod250, email me with your interest, jimprimate at homail dot com
  5. Bump again...May have to be sent to EBAY, I'd rather sell it to a TBer...This thing needs a good home...Did I mention it's got a purple LED?That's unique...I thought it was cool....Need to sell...Thanks much
  6. C'mon guys, I know someone's gott need a good loud head...Played a gig tonight in a large room and it was banging, didn't have it above 3 all night(Jazz combo...5 Trumpets, 2Trombones, 4 altos, 2 sopranos and a beri sax, Guitar, drums) we had a nice sound....and the bass was there...Anyone want this, Works great...Make me an offer!
  7. Bump again and it's off to EBAY....I don't wanna do it...guys grab this thing...make any offer...trade plus Cash or otherwise

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