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FS: TONS of Jazz Bass Stuff!!!

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by Palomorado, May 11, 2004.

  1. okay,
    cleared out my parts box and realized i have a ton of Jazz Bass goodies lying around. everything works and is in good shape.

    So now i must get rid of them:


    1)Fender Standard J-Bass pickup Set (neck and bridge)
    2)Another Standard J-Bass pickup Set (n&b)
    3)Fender Japan J-Bass pickup set
    4)Fender MIM J-Bass bridge
    5)Fender Japan J-Bass Vintage bridge
    6)Fender Standard J-Bass pickguard (w/b/w)
    7)Fender J-Bass pickguard TORTOISE
    8)Fender vintage 11 hole with pup cover holes J-Bass pickguard (w/b/w)
    9)Fender 4 hole chrome control plate for J-Bass

    i also have a bunch of pots and capacitors lying around. will work out a deal if you need more then one of the above.
    feel free to make offers on any of the above. i'm going to let it go for a week or so then it's off to eBay!

    email me at:

  2. RoyQBiv


    Nov 8, 2002
    Bellingam, WA
    Do you have any extra info on the Japanese Vintage bridge pup? What model did it come out of, condition, etc?
  3. jm1


    Nov 12, 2003
    Interested in Standard J-Bass set. You have a PM!
  4. jm1


    Nov 12, 2003
    Cancel that!
  5. Japanesse Vintage Bridge came off of my MIJ RI Fretless.
    good shape.
    no problems, just wanted a little more modern sound so i went with the GOTOH 201.

    still have the screws!
  6. Bard2dbone


    Aug 4, 2002
    Arlington TX
    I'll take the tort 'guard, And maybe a set of p'ups. It never hurts to have extras.
  7. Bard2dbone,

    PM sent
  8. i'll get those pics to you SMASH.
    sorry it has taken so long...had to take the
    ittle lady to the hospital so the week has been
    filled up.

    give me to sunday!

  9. bumpity-bump-bump-bump!
  10. Trevorus


    Oct 18, 2002
    Urbana, IL
    those the american standard pickups? if so, I'll take a set!
  11. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004
    PM sent
  12. any idea if the tortoise pickgaurd would fit a MIM J bass?
  13. Funkster


    Apr 6, 2000
    Wormtown, MA
    Any 70's pot's in good condition?