FS: Trace Elliot 4-10 and horn cabinet (1048H)

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  1. Trace Elliot 1048h bass cabinet in excellent condition for sale. The cab has the dark green carpet covering, 4 ten inch Celestion speakers and adjustable horn. It also has two adjustable ports for frequency changes. It is rated at 8 ohms, 320 Watts RMS, has casters. While it is a great cabinet, it's too big and heavy for me and I want to downsize. I live near Vancouver, BC, so would prefer a local sale or will consider shipping.

    Asking $500 US (or) $775 Canadian Dollars.

  2. can you send me some pics of the cab? Thankyou.
  3. I've Xpress Posted you a Money Order for the cab. Should be there tomorrow. Looking forward to the cab.