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FS:Trace Elliot GP7SM 130 head, SKB, $325/offer

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by ohiobob227, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. FS:Trace Elliot GP7SM 130 head, SKB, $325/offer

    Well, it's the holiday season, time to buy presents for the family and all, and being unemployed and broke at the moment, something's gotta go on the block. So, once again my Trace is up for sale. It's an older, pre-Gibson Trace head. They claim 130 watts RMS, but Trace rates their amps at an extremely low THD, so this amp is louder and cleaner than my old 350 watt Ampeg head by lots. Also, though they don't advertise it, this head has never had any trouble running stable with a 2 ohm load. Features: 7 Band Graphic EQ - 50hz,100hz,250hz,500hz,1.0khz,2.0khz,5.0khz
    The EQ range is +/- 15db and is switch selectable. The EQ also has an EQ Level knob. There is also an EQ Balance that acts as a high or low pass filter.
    Two Position Pre-Shape button, 1 that puts a slight boost at 50hz and 5khz with a slight cut @400hz. The other one has a more rounded bottom boost with less of a cut in the mids and less boost in the highs. There is also a button to turn this feature off.
    D.I. Output - A XLR DI Output is provided on the front and back. This out is pre EQ/post EQ selectable.
    Comes in a beat-up 2 space SKB rack.
    Bass NW has one that they're selling at $350 on their used amps page ( www.bassnw.com/usedamps.htm ), I'd like $325 but I'm open to offers. Email me with any questions you have.


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