SOLD FS: Two LEFT-HANDED Roscoe LG3005's - fretted & fretless - price way reduced!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by jimb213, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. jimb213


    Nov 2, 2005
    Austin, TX
    by TheRealJimb213, on Flickr

    Well the time has come. I'm not gigging like I used to, and moving forward I'm focusing my time and creative energy elsewhere. It pains me to see these instruments not getting the use they deserve.

    It's time to find them new homes.

    First up, the fretless:
    Spanish Cedar Body
    Walnut Top
    Rainbow Diamondwood Fingerboard
    Maple/Purpleheart/Maple neck
    Bartolini Pickups and Electronics

    You can see a small nick in the headstock in this picture:
    by TheRealJimb213, on Flickr

    And here's a closeup of the body and fingerboard:
    by TheRealJimb213, on Flickr

    This was my primary bass for a number of years until I got the fretted one, and even then it was probably 60/40 fretless/fretted until I joined a motown band. This bass just sounded amazing in virtually every context I was playing in. Here's a couple of spotify links where you can hear the fretless:

    On to the Fretted:
    Solid Swamp Ash Body
    Vintage Satin White Finish
    Pao Ferro Fretboard
    Maple/Purpleheart/Maple Neck
    Audere 4-band EQ and Nordstrand DC-5 Pickups

    by TheRealJimb213, on Flickr

    I believe I was the first one to get a Roscoe with this finish, and I don't know if it's even available as a regular option.

    This little switch:
    by TheRealJimb213, on Flickr

    is what makes the Audere preamp really special. It's basically the Modern <--> Vintage switch. In the up position you've got a great modern hifi sound with lots of cut. In the down position you've got a vintage fat almost p-bass thump.

    Here are a couple of youtube clips where you can hear this bass with the motown band I used to be in:

    I'm asking $1500 each shipped to the lower 48. Both basses include the Roscoe Deluxe Hardshell case.

    If you want to be a big spender and purchase both, I'll take $2800 shipped to the lower 48.

    Sorry, not interested in any trades.
    Last edited: May 23, 2014
  2. jimb213


    Nov 2, 2005
    Austin, TX
    Sunday morning bump. Any lefties out there need a killer bass or two?
  3. MCS4

    MCS4 Supporting Member

    Sep 26, 2012
    Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Lefty bump. My bank account is glad that rainbow fretboard is not a fretted four.
  4. I remember both of these basses well, Jim. Sorry you're moving on, but GLWTS!

    FWIW, both of these basses were killer!
  5. jimb213


    Nov 2, 2005
    Austin, TX
    Thanks, Gard!

    Yeah, it hurts to send these on, but it also hurts to just look at them sitting in the corner getting so little use these days.
  6. lefty007


    Jan 19, 2004
    Miami, FL
    Wow! If this were either a Century or SKB I'd be all over them (I just prefer bigger bodies). Actually, I'm placing an order for a custom Century right now.

    I've seen the white one before and had been very tempted to get the same transparent finish over ash. Love it.

    I wish we were closer so I could give them a spin. I got Roscoe fever!

    BTW, a little unsolicited advise: keep them if you can financially. You obviously spent a lot of money and energy ordering these basses. Unless you are 98-years old and retiring, chances are you will find yourself wanting and/or needing these like nothing else (talking from experience).

  7. jimb213


    Nov 2, 2005
    Austin, TX
    Haha... I appreciate the sentiment Lefty007. Congrats on the Century! Roscoes are something special.
  8. jimb213


    Nov 2, 2005
    Austin, TX
    Thursday morning was really gross and rainy but thursday afternoon has turned out really nice bump.

    Also, here's another youtube video of the fretted bass with the motown band:
  9. jimb213


    Nov 2, 2005
    Austin, TX
    Midweek update with another music video!

    This one features the fretless in my rock band. You can see what it looks like on stage and hear how it sounds pretty forward in the mix.
  10. jimb213


    Nov 2, 2005
    Austin, TX
    Price reduction bump!

    Hey y'all! So last week I was in Las Vegas for the NAB Convention; it's basically NAMM for video & broadcast. I saw sooooo many thing that I want to buy!

    Help me satisfy my camera GAS by satisfying your bass GAS!

    I've reduced the price of each bass to $2000, and if you buy both, I'll take $3500. Shipping still included.
  11. jimb213


    Nov 2, 2005
    Austin, TX
    Car trouble bump!

    The transmission in my Jeep just crapped itself, so now I'm in more of a need-to-sell situation.

    I've reduced the price to $1500 each, or $2800 for both, shipped to the lower 48 states.

    I would so much prefer to sell to one of you fine people, but they'll be going on ebay this weekend if I don't get any bites.
  12. jimb213


    Nov 2, 2005
    Austin, TX
    PM sent.
  13. jimb213


    Nov 2, 2005
    Austin, TX
    And the Basses are Sold!! Thank you everyone for your consideration.
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