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FS (UK ONLY): Malekko Germanium B:assmaster w/exp input and exp. pedal

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by DosiYanarchy, Sep 21, 2008.

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  1. Here's my Malekko Germanium B:assmaster, I only got it about a week ago as a warrenty replacement, for my Silicon B:assmaster that had a bit of trouble. Josh from Malekko sent me the Germanium model in return with an expression pedal input, and I bought the Expression pedal. Its not been gigged, or even seen a band practice yet.

    its in new condition, as is the Expression pedal

    There are alot of positive reviews about the B:assmaster in the Effects forum, so check it out.

    Reason for sale: I've got debts to pay and more pedals than i realistically need, and more on the way, so im selling them off/trading them for cheaper pedals.

    The asking price is £200, I will consider sensible offers, but the asking price includings the postage costs of sending both the exp pedal and the B:assmaster in their original boxes to anywhere in the UK. Other destinations will cost more.

    I will also consider part exchange for the following items:

    1. VTBass + £40
    2. Prunes&custard + £40
    3. XO BASS micro synth (the new smaller one) + £30

    The B:assmaster is well documented in the effects forum, and the expression pedal allows foot control of the SENSITIVITY control (so you can control the intensity of the fuzz from your foot, from clean to raging)



    so, for the price you get:
    a new but tested Malekko B:assmaster - Germanium Edition with expression pedal input,
    a new but tested M-Gear EX-P expression pedal
    and postage to anywhere in the UK. (abroad will cost extra)

    I'll only accept paypal
    please feel free to ask questions, im happy to help :) but no time wasters please.

    PS: i should also mention that this is also for sale elsewhere....but id rather Talkbass users had it.
  2. Does that mean your looking for a new avatar too? :D
  3. yes :(

    ill keep the picture tho, as i do with all the pedals i sell, just so i remember what it was like to have money :'(

    i might do some photoshopping and come up with an equally cool avatar, altho a pedal that says 'bassmaster' is about the coolest thing anyone can have.
  4. as you can see, the avatar has changed, but the pedal still remains! come onnnnnnn......
    I updated the original info, I will post abroad, but it will cost extra (£210 in total should cover it, but i can check if you want to be precise), i'll also consider sensible offers, and part exchanges.
  5. PM-ed you on the B:assmaster, hope to meet you this Friday at Paddington station.
  6. Sale Pending
    Thanks Lonnystingray!

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