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SOLD FS US Neck MIM Body Dimarzio PUP FrankenP

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by TC2112, Dec 12, 2012.

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  1. I am cutting down on the number of Precisions in my collection. These are both nice players, but they are setting behind several others that are just getting more time. I know the economy has made this a buyers market, but I believe my prices reflect that and are more than fair, so they are firm.

    SOLD First is an E6 series Japanese precision in CAR w/ Mint & Maple. It's been played and played hard, but it seems to love it and keeps coming back for more. If you like mojo in a bass, this is one for you. The front of the body looks good with a few minor scratches, but the back has been pretty chewed up. Dude that had it before me must have been a rodeo champ. Not an issue in playability however, and this one plays like a champ. Great low action, excellent feeling neck, truss rod has plenty of play both ways and the frets are in good shape. Has been drilled for a bridge cover that will not be included. Because of the condition, I will sell this at SOLD [DEL]400.00 shipped in the CONUS in a gig bag [/DEL]SOLD.

    Next is a highway one 2007 neck on a MIM body in White w/ red tort & Rosewood. Newer HWY1 neck has the graphite rods and is in excellent condition. 1.625 nut. Body is excellent too. no back rash, has some slight finish cracking at the neck pocket, but nothing major (see picture) Has been drilled for a bridge cover that will not be included. Loaded with a DiMarzio model P pup, and will ship in a gig bag. 400.00 shipped in CONUS


    Paypal is accepted
  2. BenCampbell

    BenCampbell Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2011
    Brooklyn, NY
  3. MIJ sold
    I will separate the neck and body of the Franken P if interested.
    Loaded neck for - 250.00
    loaded body for - 165.00
    unloaded body - 100.00
  4. tc- if you still have it where do I send paypal for the loaded body? or can you send a paypal request to bussmann@zianet.com?
  5. Bill - you have a PM
  6. Body is sold and this thread is closed - the neck is still for sale in the accessories section

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.