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Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by xshawnxearthx, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. xshawnxearthx


    Aug 23, 2004
    new jersey
    Up for sale or trade is a USA made Svt 4 Pro. Formerly owned by TB’s own Warpeg. The amp is in great shape. Between me and the former owner it has remained in a shock mount case. I’ve used the amp on a recording and a few gigs and as much as I LOVE the tone of the amp, the weight of the amp plus shock mount case is getting a little too
    tiring to carry around to gigs. This amp is a BEAST! I played this with a few different active and passive basses and I was never able to push it too far.

    Included with the amp I will throw in a speak-on cable used to run the amp in the mono-bridged mode. It has three Sovtek's "higher end" voltage matched/burned-in 12AX7-A's. These tubes really make the amp sing. Alone the tubes are around $25 each. They have about 30 hours on them and were never driven like they should have been. I think I may have pushed them once during recording just to get to the “sweet spot”.

    I will put this up against any MIV ampeg or even other USA ampegs and say it sounds better then any other 4 pro I've heard.

    RMS Power Output: 300-Watts x 2/900 (mono-bridged @ 8 Ohms)
    RMS Power Output: 490-Watts x 2/1200 (mono-bridged @ 4 Ohms)
    RMS Power Output (2 Ohms): 600-Watts x 2
    Preamp: Tubes (3 x 12AX7)
    Power Amp: Solid State
    Tone Controls: 3-Band
    Mid Tone Control: 5-Position
    Graphic EQ: Yes, 9-Band
    Ultra Low/High Boosts: Yes
    Balanced Line Out: Yes x 2 Pre/Post with Level
    Effects Loop: Yes x 2
    Preamp Out/Power Amp In: Yes x 2
    Dimensions (W x H x D inches): 19 x 5.6 x 15.5
    Weight: 39.5 Pounds

    $850 shipped or best offer. Pics upon request.
  2. Warpeg

    Warpeg Supporting Member

    Jun 20, 2005
    My old amp! Man, I miss this amp something terrible. I wish I had the scratch to pick this baby up. This was the loudest, most durable amp I ever owned. This 4-pro actually has a tone very close to a 2-pro; the special Sovtek 12AX7's give it an amazingly growly and punchy voice. The next owner will be very impressed!
  3. xshawnxearthx


    Aug 23, 2004
    new jersey
    yeah it is a great amp, i'm just looking to downsize my rig since i don't really need a huge head and i'm looking for less ampeg tone.
  4. xshawnxearthx


    Aug 23, 2004
    new jersey
    bump for price drop. make me an offer!

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