FS: Verellen Meatsmoke

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  1. Have to let go of this incredible amp. Hard to but I'm
    downsizing my amp arsenal as well as effects to free up room for some pending stuff.
    Hand wired, assembled and tested up here in the NW, 300 watts, all tube signal path, 2 foot switchable channels with independent gain and master for each channel, about the volume of an Svt but able to get cleaner if you want or dirtier, like very big Fender or Hiwatt, bass and treble shift switches, (6) tung sol 6550s, 12AX7s, I have kept this in great condition as the original owner.
    There is a small blem on the top rear side of the head case and thats it.
    -->$1850.00 pack very well and shipped<--

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  2. a few more

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    Pm sent as well
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    Whoa. I've never heard one of these myself, but the notoriety of them on TB is impressive enough.