FS: vintage Ibanez FL9 flnager w/ power adapter

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  1. I recently picked this minty vintage Ibanez FL9 up here in the TB classifieds to a/b against the Maxon FL9. I'm finished with my chorus and flanger a/b experiments, so it's time for me to let this go. It is a great sounding analog flanger, put some dirt in front of it, pick up your P-bass and you will feel like Phil Lynnot

    Really excellent condition, this thing has spent the bulk of it's like in storage. Includes original box and paperwork, as well as a probably never used (but tested and confirmed to work) Ibanez power adapter, also in its original box. The adapter is perfect for any boss/ibanez 9v style effects.

    I'm asking $95 shipped in the CONUS. You can subtract $10 if you don't need the adapter (the FL9 can also be battery operated). Paypal or money order is great.

    I'd prefer not to trade this pedal.
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    I loove that pedal!

    :bag:....too bad its in the wrong forum....:bag::D
  3. hey now!

    thanks for the heads up. I gotta drink my coffee before posting.
  4. i guess i can't delete this. Hey gryg - can you trim this for me?

    also, waht the heck is a flnager? sounds like a racial slur!