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    If you are looking for the stompbox version of the famous Acoustic 360 preamp, check this out. I purchased this preamp directly from jc. This unit was built by jc (viva Analog 360+ Bass Preamp+Fuzz Units /// 2008-2009 Pro Edition) to use with a Berg IP112. This worked out very well in my search for the Acoustic 360 tone. Recently sold the IP so I'm not using the preamp and rather than having it sit unused it should go to someone who will put it to good use. These go for $500 new. It is in excellent condition, i.e., same condition as when I received it from jc.

    [DEL]$380[/DEL] $350 includes shipping to lower 48

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    So sexy. So out of my price range. Good luck!
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    Nov 22, 2010
    If only it had the fuzz option bump.
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    Apr 15, 2001
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    No fuzz option...sorry.

    In the link above, scroll down to till you see, "Lite/fuzz-less 360+ Pedals and full featured Racks" and the first photo beneath is the unit I have,

    Still available in 2012
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    Apr 15, 2001
    Boston, MA
    Here is an e-mail exchange from JC when I was ordering it...

    Hi JC;

    Thanks for the info. I am very interested in purchasing one of these units. Can you tell me the output impedance (just concerned about matching it with the Bergantino power amp).

    Hi Tom,

    good question, the 360+ has an output driver circuit based around the 5532 op-amp ... this op-amp is widely known as a quality audio-grade line driver chip - ideal for this situation ... it has very good slew rate, low noise, and can drive loads down to 600 ohms with little distortion ... most power amps have input impedances well above 1k (usually 100k +) even tube power amps with theoretical Zin of 600+ k-ohm can source high current on the positive peak of high level signals - the 360+ will supply the current needed to prevent distortion from happening at that kind of boundary ... send me the input specs of your Bergantino and I'll double check things for you (send me a link if you wish) ... even in the case where you might be using old-fashion 600-ohm recording decks the 360+ will drive those inputs without problem ... I designed the output stage for pretty much any audio interface applications ...
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    Apr 15, 2001
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    Another e-mail from JC regarding this pedal...

    testing period is over, the noise tests went well - at maximum gain the noise floor lies around -68dbv and with the wall wart 120Hz feedthrough is a mere 4db to 6db above that floor which is pretty good for an instrument preamp ... I stuck a whopping big cap in there to make sure there was negligeable AC ripple on the DC line ...

    I tested the 360+ preamp on an Ampeg V-4, both going in by the front and slaved and it sounded great in both cases, very "snappy" like the original - the output amplifier offers plenty of gain and sounds great ... the Variamp 5-way position switch is fairly quiet and the mute footswitch only makes a non-negligeable "pop" when the volume is set near maximum - otherwise both switches operate fairly smoothly... I also did a few test recordings to get a subjective impression... in the recording noise levels are nice and low even with the Variamp set to min and max positions ... (!!) ... that's an advantage of using a real inductor over an electronic emulation circuit ...
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    Wow, that's awesome.
    I have a few of JC's pedals, and he's the only guy I'll let anywhere near any of my amps.
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    bump city
    and add OBO
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    Apr 15, 2001
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