FS - Warwick Rockcase Flight Case

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  1. This thing is built like a freaking tank but it's more than I need at the moment. There is a little bit of scuffing on the exterior which does not effect the case's fortress-like defenses. Comes with two wedges which held my Warwick perfectly, and would work for most basses (I've only tried it with a Fender in addition to the 'wick).

    $160 shipped. Photographs here: Photo Album - Imgur
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    Can this case hold a bass 46.25" long?
  3. leehinson


    Jul 18, 2010
    What kind I'd wick did you keep in this. I've hit a thumb and have had difficulty finding a hard case to fit it
  4. Sorry, I'm at work on my mobile and can't measure it for a few hours but wanted to reply - I had an F.N.A. Jazzman 5 in the case and it fit with room to spare. A thumb would absolutely fit, and I'll get back to you on the longer measurement ASAP.
  5. According to their website, the inside dimensions are 45.3" x 13.8" x 2.4" - case is still available.
  6. I'm going to give this a bump with a price drop to $140.
  7. Bump with a drop to $130 - take this off my hands!
  8. BOOM this one is SOLD