SOLD FS: Warwick Thumb NT (2006) 4-string - $1499 shipped

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by Talisker, Jan 12, 2009.

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  1. I posted this one a while back, but have some new photos and a lower price, so thought I would relist before sending it over to Fleabay.

    It is what it says - a Warwick Thumb Bass, made in 2006. Neck-through design, 4 strings.

    Superb condition. Neck is straight, no wear of any kind of the fingerboard or frets. Especially nicely figured bubinga body.

    Everything stock *except* the original Just-A-Nut II has been replaced with the far superior Just-A-Nut III.

    Specifications on the Warwick web site here:

    Two blemishes:

    1) Some thumb wear above the neck pickup - typical on these basses, diminishes with waxing (and I hear goes away with judicious application of steel wool - but I've never tried that). Looks worse in the photos than in real life.

    2) Wear to the MEC logos on the pickup covers (also typical on of these basses - I usually just rub the logos off entirely).

    Built like a tank, looks and feels wonderful. Really amazing build quality. Selling because I have a '95 Thumb whose neck I slightly prefer (although its electronics are not nearly as quiet as those on the '06). You might want to do a setup - I like a pretty high action - fortunately easy to do with the Warwick bridge and Just-A-Nut III.

    I'm the second owner, haven't played this more than a few hours (just in the house, when I get it out to wax it). No smoke odor or anything else detectable.

    Ships in a Warwick gig bag (regular one, not the RockBag) with a can of Warwick beeswax and allen wrenches for the bridge and nut.

    $1499 shipped in the CONUS. PayPal is fine. So's check/money order.

    I'm new-ish to TalkBass - recently bought an instrument through this forum. But I've bought and sold several basses on eBay with 100% feedback (eBay ID "eprater").

    You can see more photos (along with these in their full-sized, inspect-the-heck-out-of-them glory) on Flickr here:

    Hang in there, -Ethan Prater (San Mateo CA)

    2812658882_44af44fcac.jpg 2811809853_751e8ac64b.jpg

    2812640374_ab0ae5d2ea.jpg 3191213769_ae8104bc19.jpg

    2811867275_46a0804949.jpg 3192057882_347285e930.jpg
  2. First, last, and only bump before sending this over to eBay.

    I see newer Thumbs catching flack here relative to older models, mostly for the fretboard wood and semi-machine made nature. But in many ways this is a superior instrument to my '95 Thumb NT. Much quieter electronics, overall feel of "stability", placement of the strap hooks for weight balance.
  3. Sold to a TB'er on the other side of the country.
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