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FS: Way Huge Swollen Pickle and Boss ODB-3

Discussion in 'For Sale: Effects and Pedals' started by squidbass, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. Looking to try different things so I need to sell some things I don't use anymore.

    1st is the Swollen Pickle. I didn't really ever use this one, I scored it a while back from a fellow TB'er. It came in perfect condition with The box and everything and I kept it that way. I tried out the pedal a few times, guess I'm just not a fuzz guy after all. I'm asking 70 shipped!

    Next is my Boss ODB-3. I employed this pedal for a couple of months then removed it from the board when I figured out my amp does a really nice OD on channel 2. I was actually surprised by this guy, it's a good sounding pedal for the money. This one has no box, so I'll ask for 40 shipped! SOLD!!!

    Both pedals have Velcro on them which can be removed if you so desire or can be left on for easy transfer from the box to your pedalboard. Let me know, I will remove before I ship If ya want.

    I'm always open to trades and will put money down for the right things. Buy both pedals at once for 100 shipped. Thanks for looking!
  2. ODB-3 is SOLD!!!
  3. ODB-3 shipped off early this morning, sold to fellow TB'er Tony Flow MMMM! Swollen Pickle is still up for grabs, its just sitting pretty in its box ready to go! Who wants some fuzz?!
  4. Good Morning TB bump!!
  5. Swollen pickle may be sold..pending payment..
  6. It's all sold! Now closing thread..

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