FS Wood and Tronics Zoid 33" With American Holly Top

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  1. Excellent instrument with the following specs:

    Wood & Tronics Zoid
    5 String 33 inch scale Tuned EADGC [100,80,60,40,25 Fodera Strings]
    17.5 mm Spacing at Bridge
    American Black Walnut Body
    American Holly Top with matching headstock
    Alder tone block with figured poplar top
    3 piece ash neck
    ebony fingerboard
    brass nut
    ebon Ramp
    ebony knobs & pick up covers
    Bassculture pick ups
    John East SP2 preamp Vol, Bal, Bass, Mids, Treble, Passive/Active, tone knob

    The bass is a fantastic instrument in almost brand new condition, practically unplayed as they guy i bought it from had to sell due to injury shortly after he took delivery. Lowest action i have ever seen on a bass possible; the strings lower until they rest on all frets pretty much all at once, can't imagine a bass with lower action. The ramp is currently off and is designed to be held on with double sided tape, so can easily be taken off if you don't fancy a ramp and it will leave no mark whatsoever.

    The bass has so much tonal character. I hate to use such cliches, however notes really do jump off the fretboard and are almost piano like at times. I haven't heard or played with Bassculture pickups before but they are really nice and look great with the wood covers.The preamp is superb; 3 band eq on top and dip switches inside to control mid frequency/range and trim pots to set the bass and treble frequency. Passive mode is great and the passive tone knob is a great feature. The Holly top is a lovely cream colour in real life and is just lovely. Comes with the factory supplied Warwick Rockcase and truss rod keys, also the original order documentation.

    Contacted Enrico last week and the bass would cost 3400 euros new today and there is a 6 month or so waiting list. The bass is in mint condition and only a year old so it's a great chance to own as close to a custom order from Wood and Tronics as possible.

    The bass is £1730. This bass is located in the UK and I will ship to most places for additional cost, contact me for other currencies/prices. For rough guidance, expect UK shipping to be around £30, EU around £50 and anywere else i will need to check. Bank transfer and Paypal good. I am a well known member on Basschat forums as 'Kev' and have 131 Feedback as 'Purpleblackduck' on eBay, so buy with confidence . Also listed on UK/Europe eBay here for reference: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wood-and-...621&pid=100015&prg=1006&rk=1&sd=321157548047&

    Please note that price is cash value only. Trade value will be more, let me know if there is interest in a trade.

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    PM sent
  4. Replied :)
  5. Price drop to £1650, shipped to UK and EU.
  6. Still available

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    This such a beautiful elegant bass. I have a Kenneth Lawrence on order with the same body and neck woods. If the KL was paid off,I would buy this right now!
  8. Trade pending, thanks.
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