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    Ok so I have a good amount of open box/ new in box/ used satellite radio stuff that I want to get rid off. A bunch of home, car kits, and couple tuners,.



    Price ranges from $10-$20 each shipped...depending on where your located and where I'm shipping to. The more you buy, the more i'll discount. If you want the whole lot, I think $125 shipped should be fair.

    List of items as follows:
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    Sorry didn't realize my list didn't show either!!!

    Here is what I have:

    New in box:
    * SkiFi3 Home Kit
    * XM Mini Tuner
    * XM Direct Tuner (XMD1000)
    * XM Direct Clarion Adapter

    Demo pieces or open boxes:
    * XM Roady2 (includes portable unit kit (walkman style) and casette/car DC adapter with home XM antenna)

    All following homekits are complete (dock, DC adapter, home antenna, etc)
    * Sportster/Sportster Replay HomeKit
    * Starmate/Starmate Replay HomeKit
    * Calypso Home Kit
    * Sirius Tuner for Clarion SIR-CL3

    * XM Home tuner for XM Ready receivers/stereos (CNP1000)
    * Kenwood Sirius tuner (tuner only) KTC-SR902

    Feel free to ask me any questions. Again, each item will cost $10-20 shipped depending on your location to ship. i believe getting an replacement home antenna alone would cost about that much. If you interested in more then one piece, discounts available. For the whole lot would be $125.
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  4. kulit17

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    Bump for offers
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    Do any of those home kits work with the Onyx radio if you know?
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    thanks for that question. i do, but i don't. this would apply to other plug and play radio's as well, but the power adapter and antenna will work perfectly fine, but the docks I have are not universal. if you have a car kit setup that you can easily remove the dock then you would be able to use the home kits i have and use the home satellite antenna to put near a window, the AC power supply to power it, and the audio jack to feed a receiver with AUX inputs. PM me if you have any other questions. Thanks!
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    Walked into Radioshack the other day and saw antennas selling for double the price i'm selling this for..... no one needs???