FT: '57 P Bass - not a re-issue!

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  1. '57 Fender P bass, s/n -20688, Sunburst refinish, purchased last fall from Chicago Music Exchange; hard-v neck, plays and sounds awesome; most of the original hardware with the exception of the tuners and the neckplate have been replaced, along with the pups which are raised-A '57 re-issues, non-original case. I've got a '59 and a '66 that I'm playing pretty exclusively. What I'm interested in is a "high-end" 4 string - something like a Roscoe or a 435. I realize that it's pretty difficult to trade in this situation - like trading a apple for an orange, but it seems like half of the best basses in the world are owned by players on Talkbass, so if I can't find a trade here it's not likely to happen. I'm not really "motivated" to sell this bass right now, hence my interest in considering trades - give it your best shot! I'll get pics posted by this time tomorrow.
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