FT Ampeg B100R

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  1. For Trade:

    This amp has served me well. Its in great shape, with no wear on the tolex or on the grill. Everything is working well on it and there are no blemishes that I can notice. Can't take pics till this weekend.

    I'm really wanting a 5 stringer of some variety, but maybe also interested in light/portable amp head, or a tasty smaller cab (ie. 12, 2x10, etc.) Shipping can be a negotiating point.

    Not really looking to sell, but shoot an offer if you're feel'n froggy. :ninja:
  2. ttt :hyper:
  3. Bumpity Bump
  4. Anyone-bump
  5. Trade for a pair of KRK Rokit5 Monitors? .....

    or a Line 6 KB37?
  6. Thanks for the contact, not my cup of tea though.
  7. I'm willing to cover shipping this beauty with the right trade - Bump
  8. ShirazBop


    Sep 29, 2006
    Greensboro, NC
    Is this U.S. made?
  9. Made in the good ole' USA.

  10. Get'n ready to pull it bump!
  11. Swap for a Trace Elliot head? AH250... light n' sweet.

  12. PM's replied. Last day I'll keep her up, then pulling it off the block.
  13. Taking my toy and going home...ok, just pulling the amp down from the block. Going to keep and enjoy her.
  14. I feel toyed with, and you should feel very awkward.

    Just kidding! :D Sounds like a good idea! Great amp, have fun playing music with it.