FT: Black Nylon Tapewound Strings for DRs?

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  1. I got these LaBella Black Nylon Tapewound strings (5-string set) a couple weeks ago and loved them at first. I used them on a couple recordings and got a pretty good upright sounding tone. Well, I switched back to roundwounds and realized how much more I love that sound and feel :p

    So does anyone have a 5-string set of DRs, new or slightly used that they would like to trade maybe?

    The LaBellas fit a 35" scale, 2+3 or 3+2 headstock arrangement. The DRs I'm looking for would be for a 34" scale bass.

  2. would you sell them and if so for how much?
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    Still available?

    How about some GHS Progressives?

  4. Actually, I just bought a set of my usual DRs, so I don't need new strings anymore.