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FT Epi EBO for Jazz neck

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by lousybassplayer, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Not really sure whether this belongs here or in accessories, but if it needs moved so be it. I'm looking to trade a more or less brand new EB0 Epi for a fretted jazz neck. I have some stuff ot throw in with it depending on the value of the neck or can work a neck+cash on your end deal if the neck is nice enough. I'm mostly looking for a quality aftermarket neck not the beat up one off of your SX (maybe later for my next project). Ideally I could find a graphite neck and we can work out some stuff to get the value right. IF that is not gonna happen I'd take a rosewood board maple neck. Open to variations, but not desperate here, so if this might interest you PM me. I can get pics if there is an interest but I'm having computer problems and it may take time. The bass has a couple dings in the fretboard (came that way), but I bought it only a month or so ago. Can sweeten the deal with a gig bag, brandy new fender flats, Boss Bass OD pedal, loaded but beat up Ibanez body or combination of stuff from the pile of crap I have. In order to take all that stuff its gonna have to be some neck though :)

    Hit me with some offers
  2. Really? A bass with some goodies for just a neck and no offers? Nothing?

    To whoever is out there playing a neck only jazz bass, your cheating us both :)
  3. Also have a lined fretless MIM jazz neck I might consider trading if the right neck is out there. I might also consider selling, who knows?
  4. I shan't give up. To all the modders and upgraders out there, here is a great deal. You have a old jazz neck thats worth something and I have a great looking bass thats cheap enough to mod the hell out of and not feel guilty. Or if you want to leave it alone and pretend to be Jack Bruce you can do that too. Might not fool anyone, but who cares?
  5. greddyesq


    Feb 3, 2009
    PM sent.

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