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FT/FEELER neckthru 4 str w/ohsc IMW.

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by marksrick, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. Just fishing before I change my mind on this beauty. Its got pecan swirl on the base. Maple & rosewood make up the rest. Gold hardware Gotoh/hipshot. Passive w/powerboost 9v pre amp. Similar like Bartiloni . 24 fret. 1-5/8" nut. 8.8lbs. 36" scale nice player great sustain. Well balanced. Beautiful abalone neck markers. Celtic crosses. Castle emblem on headstock also abalone. Plus nice ohsc.

    Looking for a good trade: I,ll probably get in trouble for this from the wife so act quick while I still have the nerve. I am on the fence on this one.

    Would be interested in the following bass gear if possible. Orange-Aguilar-Mesa-Trace-Heads & cabs. Ric-gretsch-gibby-elitist casino guitars & vox-mesa-fender-krank-orange guitar amp -heads, or combos.

    My bass is from Infinite Metal Werkz. It's a one of a kind. Prototype. Rare. Original. Photos coming shorty. Appreciate you reading this thread. Take good care.

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  2. MarkA

    MarkA In the doghouse. Supporting Member

    Sep 26, 2008
    Hello. Pretty sure you mean a 34" scale on this one, not 36". If you are unsure, measure from the nut to the 12th fret (You should get 17") and multiply by 2 -- trying to measure to the bridge saddles can be misleading. That said, I remember this bass from previous postings and would bet a Happy Meal and Super-Sized fries that it's a 34" scale.

    For those that don't know, Infinite Metal Werkz was a somewhat short-lived company started by Craig Gruber, who played with Rainbow and Elf. Here is a video of Gruber with a similar bass (though the one in the vid is equipped with a whammy). Though Gruber seems given to some exaggeration (Billy Sheehan and Victor Wooten might have played one of his basses at some point, but I doubt Vic's Fodera endorsement is the only thing keeping him from switching), these appear to have been fairly well-made, good sounding basses for the money -- at least from what I've been able to gather. (I've never played one, though, so I cannot comment directly on that.)

    Looks like a nice potential trade for someone looking to try a 24-fret four-banger.

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