FT/FS 1964 STYLE Jazz Bass Relic Shorline Gold w/ headstock

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    Jan 14, 2009
    The body and neck were made by B Hefner who also did the finish and aging and overall they are really well built. The body is ash with a light fullerplast primer and a great shoreline gold nitro paintjob with matching headstock. the neck is straight and the trussrod works great. Frets are fender vintage 60's size and the dots are clay with clay half and half dots on the side. The back is satin and feels great. Not huge, not skinny, just a comfortable C. Overall the neck is better than a mass produced allparts to me and has a lot of features that I don't see on aftermarket necks that were present on vintage fenders.

    The hardware is all period correct repro aged parts. Reverse tuners, threaded saddle bridge, aged mint guard, pushback cloth wiring with a vintage disk cap, exposed grounding strip like a 62' jazz. The pickups are a Duncan antiquity I in the neck and a vintage 73' jazz bass pickup that was rewound by Allea Coppolo's shop and has raised A & G magnets to compensate for the radius which I love. The bridge pickup seriously is great sounding, very warm and aggressive with no boomy E.

    The only negative I have found with this bass is that the bridge was installed to far to the right and moved prior to me receiving it. Strings sit in line with polepieces now and the neck is straight with great action. I am asking a LOW LOW
    $900 shipped.

    Im going back to active basses full time.... passive isnt for me...unless you have a new red or blue 60s P bass reissue.. Might think about a Marcus...Bacchus etc.
    Might consider swaping pickups for an EMG JJ set and BTC preamp...

    Here is link to orginal FS thread:

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    Feb 27, 2008
    Great color, great pickups!
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    Jan 14, 2009