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SOLD FT/FS Aguilar GS410 4ohm perfect condition

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by fenderhutz, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. :::::SOLD:::::: Pending local meetup. Keeping thread open until transaction happens.

    I had this listed up on here a week ago. It is a showroom condition Aguilar GS410 4ohm cab. I want either a GK 2x12 Neo cab (would require cash from other end) or Ampeg HLF(410 or 610) cab. This is rated 700watts @ 4ohm. It hasn't been gigged or run hard be me.

    I also had this up for local sale for 550.00 local meetup (within 100 miles of 25425). I have gotten some pm's but it's a half day drive for these buyers which I can't do right now (more than 100 miles).

    I am also up for trades of just about anything. This cab was 899.00 new and please keep that in mind when offering up a trade. I don't really need another bass guitar but I am willing to at least look at heads, cabs, and combos. I currently have a GK 700RB II and like the sound but want another cab.



  2. Pm Sent.
  3. Decided it wasn't worth shipping. Next?
  4. This cab should be sold Thursday to a local kinda local TB'er. He advised though if somone else wants to jump in line go ahead.
  5. This is sold!!!!! Meeting up with TB'er Thursday. Keeping this open until the transaction occurs. 8/16
  6. Transaction COMPLETE.

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