FT/FS Feeler EBMM Dargie II Stingray Slo Special HH

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  1. Here is a beauty and it's dead mint. Has only been used for one rehearsal.

    I thought I was over my 5 string experiment, but my new project would prefer me to have one. So something must go to make that happen.

    I'm looking for a trade, but i will sell outright for 1650 shipped as there is a local SR5 I would buy, this price is firm. That is also my trade value, so instruments at lower used value will need cash to make up the difference.

    Up on the block is a beautiful Stingray Slo Special (Sterling neck profile) HH Dargie Delight II stingray. She is fantastic.

    For trades I will look at the following.

    Bongo 5 HH or HS
    Stingray 5 HH or HS
    Sterling 5 HH or HS
    Big Al 5 SSS
    Reflex 5 HH or HSS
    Stingray 5 Classics

    Also will look at 2010 or newer American Deluxe Jazz 5's.

    I can be picky about colors so please don't be offended if I'm not interested in your instrument.

    If you have a Dargie II 5'er you would be willing to swap please PM.





    Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, my son had the camera last and we can't find it. 5 year olds...
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    Too bad all I have is a Stingray 4HH to offer. Nice Dargie.
  3. Thank you sir, she's a fantastic instrument. But back to the B string I go.
  4. Bottoms_Up!

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    Apr 14, 2009
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    PM'd. BTW, that's an ebony board right?
  5. Yes sir. Ebony board, mother of pearl inlays.
  6. And this one is traded away friends. Thank you for the interest everyone.