FT/FS Feeler: Worker Bee 5

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  1. I am going to list this for sale @ SOLD! but I would really rather see what is out there as far as trades. It's a great bass but I'm just not bonding with it and it deserves to have someone playing it. Prior owner had much better pix than I could ever hope to produce so here's the link http://www.talkbass.com/forum/showthread.php?t=509058&highlight=bee. The only differences are that I have replaced the 4 mismatched knobs with solid maple knobs and it is now strung with a low B instead of high C (Fodera strings). Not interested in 6 stringers.:cool:
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    wow, really nice...
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  4. Bumpin':cool:
  5. Bee Bass Bump:cool:
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    I like this bass a lot and I have a couple of questions. How is the low B? It looks like the pickup route is larger than the pickup, is that how it is or a just a trick of the light?


  7. The B string is tight and focused, nothing floppy here. The pup cavity has an approximately 1/4 inch gap on the top and bottom (where the screws are) and is snug on the other two sides. It appears that this is how it came out of Fred Bolton's (Bee Bass luthier) shop.
    Thanks for your interest.:cool:
  8. What kind of basses are you looking for?
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  10. Several offers. Still available!:cool:
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    What's the width @ nut?
    How would you discribe the feel of the neck?
    Are the controls vol,bass,mid,treble ... yes?

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    it has the standard Bee pre, 3 band, and very nice. The neck is thin and easy to get around on. The zero fret is sweet and consistent sounding with the open notes, and (when I had it) the action was nice and low all the way up thanks to the uber flat neck. I had it for a spell, and got it in my head that I don't play 5er's....I have small hands and the neck didn't feel too big, or too wide at the nut.
  13. Traded with Phishaholik for his Eshenbaugh single cut 4.:cool:
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    Thank goodness! ... now I can stop GAS'n over both. :D

    Enjoy your new basses guys!