FT/FS MXR Bass Compressor

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  1. Here I have a very minty MXR M87, just bought it new not even a whole month ago. You guys have heard about it, its awesome. A very transparent comp, perhaps a tad bit to transparent for me. I believe I am looking for something to add tone to the compression, so....

    I love this compressor but I have been really itching to try a 3Leaf PWNZR, so I am offering up this compressor for trade, specifically for the PWNZR, and if nothing comes through, I will sell it outright.

    I apologize before hand but these are the only two pictures of it I have at the moment:

    On the board-



    I will upload more pics asap. I left my board at church but I have rehersal tomorrow.
  2. Will also consider a trade for a MXR sized Octive (or the actual MXR octaver itself!)
  3. Possible trade pending..
  4. And traded for a PWNZOR!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.