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FT/FS: OLD STYLE SX 5-string neck

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by Thunderscreech, May 11, 2010.

  1. You know what it looks like already. I'll be okay trading for a new-style one (I'm doing a 5- to 8-string conversion) or, for that matter, ANY five-string neck that has a fender-type heel and uses 4 bolts. In fact, it's be safe to say that I REALLY don't want to sell this if possible. The bass is no good without a neck. I don't even know how much I'd charge for it if I did, but let's say if I WERE to sell it (not my first choice you remember) I would let it go for $75.

    It has a couple of dings on it-one from a dive it took into a baseboard heater and a little ding where I had the truss rod tweaked a little bit-and there is one on the heel that I think was there when it was installed (the neck pocket on my bass is pretty tight).
    NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO THE NECK SINCE I GOT IN XMAS OF '09. You get the neck (no tuners, because you have your own I'm assuming, but if you want the tuners i'd be happy to give them to you and even leave them on).

    [DEL]....and if you happen to have a Schaller 471 8-string bridge lying around, it would be really great if you could trade them both[/DEL] Shut Up Thunderscreech, no one is going to do this.

    Pics are below:

    PM me with any questions/other offers
  2. Did I really write this add in so scary a manner that no one wants this neck?

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