SOLD FT/FS Warmoth fretless 4 BEAUTIFUL Tiger eye, maple and wenge!!!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by voodoobassist, Nov 6, 2011.

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  1. Got this bass here on TB a few months ago,..great player, sounds wonderful, EXCELLENT condition! Unfortunately, I've just been playing 5 stringers for too long for a 4 banger to feel "right" to me now. So on the block she goes. Will trade for a nice 5 string fretless or perhaps a Genz shuttle 9 plus cash. For an outright sale, $850 shipped, same as I paid.

    The bass and case are both in excellent condition, will ship with the Fatbeams I put on it and the basically new flats she came equipped with.

    Full details on all the specs are still here, , on the original sellers ad.

    Here's a few more pics I've taken since I bought her.




    Like I said, if this was a 5, it wouldn't be leaving me, it's a really nice bass! Shipping is to the lower 48 only. Thanks for looking.
  2. xhawk5

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    That is the nicest Tiger's Eye I've EVER seen. What a beauty. Would love to master fretless on this bass! If only I could sell my FNA!
  3. Thanks, she really is a stunner. Another pic, without the guard. I personally prefer her nekkid! ;)

  4. Looks like this might be gone, on hold for now. Thanks TB!
  5. What a beautiful bass my friend. I've always wanted a Warmoth...

  6. SOLD!!!
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