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Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by TheLarch, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. TheLarch

    TheLarch Supporting Member

    Much to my disappointment, fretless just isn't for me.

    However, my loss will definitely be someone's gain as I'm VERY open to reasonable offers, trade or cash, for this bass. Bass is in JUST LIKE NEW CONDITION!!! - Probably Better than what you'll see demo'ed at GC. I spotted one small scratch on the headstock, some light scratches on the rear control cover and some light roundwound string markings on the fretboard; that's it.

    I'm the second or third owner so I apologize if there are some details I'm not sure of.

    Here are the specs:

    - 1990 (?) Zeta Prism bass fretless
    - alder (?) body with green/black/white marble finish. Extremely well done so it's actually quite nice, surprisingly!
    - hard rock maple neck with ebony fretboard - has white fretlines. Neck also composed of carbon graphite and aluminum. Tiny amount of roundwound string markings on the board - faint and definitely NOT gouged up.
    - piezo pickups in bridge (4 per string)
    - EMG P&J set that appear to be original as some Prism basses came with EMG's and the installation is absolutely flawless
    - extreme range of tones as it is switchable between flat, "p-bass" and "Steinberger" settings which can be further modified with the extremely variable active bass and treble controls.
    - can choose between piezo only or dial in the EMG's. Super versatile and can run the gamut from sounding like an upright to an aggressive RAWK bass.
    - comes with original case which can be strapped on like a gig bag.

    Here's a link for a bit more info:



    Zeta Prism Bass

    This bass apparently cost $2000 new back in 1990 and has a realistic value now of $750.00. Luckily for all, I am not a piggy!

    What I would be interested in trade:

    G&L ASAT - regular or semi-hollow
    G&L L2000 with JAZZ NECK ONLY!!!
    Epiphone Rivoli or Jack Cassidy
    Guild Starfire
    Gibson EB2
    Gretsch Hollowbody
    ????? - Throw some offbeat offers at me!!

    My key requirements:

    Jazz-width neck
    Jazz-width neck
    Jazz-width neck (I think you get the point - so no 1979 P-basses - I love the sound but I need the smaller neck)
    relatively light weight
    All original

    email is "sjswalsky@yahoo.com"


  2. I sent you mail but will also try here. I would like to offer a black Gibson G-3 w/OHSC and a Line 6 BassPOD and Floorboard. Thanx, BassBrad

  3. TheLarch

    TheLarch Supporting Member

    I should add that I'd also be interested in trades for Reverfend Rumblefish, Hamer (American -Made ONLY), Older Guilds, etc.

    I'm totally open to listening to reasonable offers and, believe me, the more interesting or unusual the offer, the better.



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