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  1. Hi all,

    I am putting this out there reluctantly but this beauty deserves to be heard and seen and she has been a case queen since I bought her used from Midlothian Music in March 2011. I am quoting here from the original ad they ran:

    "Used American Made G&L L2500 bass. Shown in Clear Red. All original with very little wear. Great low action, plays and sounds great.

    Nice grain ash body. #8 maple neck, rosewood fingerboard 12" radius. 1 3/4 nut width. Black pick up covers and chrome hardware. 2 G&L magnetic field design Humbucking pickups. Tri-tone active electronics. Comes with a G&L molded hardshell case..."

    I called Midlothian to ask if they knew the year of the bass but they did not. I haven't pulled the neck off to check either. A couple things not mentioned were the weight, which I tried to get a read on using my bathroom scale, is approximately 10.5 lbs as near as I can tell. The bass is wearing Dunlop Straploks that came already installed.

    The only mod I've done was adding machine screws and threaded spacers through the ferrules where you would normally string through the body. This nifty and completely reversible mod gives the bridge 5 additional anchor points to the body and noticeably increases the sustain and IMHO the clarity of the notes, think piano tones. The mod came from the bassesbyleo website, check it out!

    The bass is otherwise exactly as it was when I received it, when I did the bridge mod I also set her up with the same D'Addario's G&L puts on them. Full disclosure: there is slight oxidation on the saddles and tuners and typical finish swirling. There is only one ding I can find, its about the size of a pin head and is on the edge of the body by the upper contour, I took a pic of it but its a bit blurry.

    So that's it, she is a real stunner, the pics I took do not do it justice at all. I'll hate to see it go but I hate more that it is not getting the love it deserves.

    Trades I'll consider include USA G&L SB1s and SB2s, maple board preferably; Fretless L2000; I love G&L basses, I could be persuaded by other fine G&Ls ;) Also by Tobias Growler 4 and the sleeper: Godin BG4

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  2. Headstock...

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  3. Body

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  4. Ding!

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  5. Chef

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    what's she weigh?
  6. Good morning Chef,

    I weighed her again, same bathroom scale and it read just about 10.4 this time. It definitely doesn't feel that heavy to me but then I never strapped her on for a 4 hour gig either!
  7. Chef

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    May 23, 2004
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  8. Happy Saturday bump! Have a great day!
  9. eno50


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    I have a fretless G&L L 2000 in cherry burst listed here http://www.talkbass.com/forum/f126/f-t-usa-g-l-l-2000-fretless-996180/
    That may interest you
  10. Hi all,

    I edited my posts in this thread because the description said the nut width was 1.5" but its really 1.75 and I weighed the bass again, my original estimate was more accurate, she weights just a shade under 10.5 lbs.

    Oh, and a couple more pics, just because! :bassist:

    Have a great weekend

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  11. And a Sunday Fun Day bump! Have a good one, my bass brothers! :)
  12. nitrofix

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    pm sent
  13. PM's replied to, thanks for the interest. Pics of case and close-ups of frets available via PM.
  14. two fingers

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    If one were to attempt to trade cash with you?
  15. I'm not looking for a cash deal at this time but let's say $900 shipped CONUS just for the sake of answering your query. :D
  16. Trade for fretless L2000 is in the works. Thanks for the interest everyone.
  17. Traded to TBer eno50 for a sweet looking fretless L2000!