FT: Gator 4 spc. rack for 5/6spc.

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  1. Justyn

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    Jun 24, 2002
    Richmond, VA
    Had one of those brilliant revelatory moments yesterday where I was shuffling rack gear around and re-racking my power amp in anticipation of a preamp I've got on the way and suddenly realized that I was about one space beyond what my four space rack can hold.

    I know. Sometimes it's amazing that I can make it out the door without a team of qualified assistants.;)

    So, I've got this perfectly fine Gator 4spc. rack that has been used but well cared for that I'd like to trade towards a comparable five or six space rack. I prefer the SKB/Gator style with front and rear rails so I can support my power amp at both ends.

    Pics available and all that.