SOLD FT: GK RBH115 and GK 700rbii (Houston)

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  1. I am going off to college and need to get rid of this heavy gear.

    The RBH115 is very solid weighing in at 66lbs. It needs a good vacuuming though due to the carpet. It has some wear on the grille which I tried to depict and a very faint spray-paint outline of the letters DTL on the back of the cabinet that came from the original owner (I am the second).

    $350+ shipping

    The 700rbii is in really great condition - it has never been pushed above half volume. There are miniscule scratches on the top of the head. Rack-ears will be included.

    I am looking for smaller, lighter, dorm friendly gear and would like to keep it in the Houston area if possible.
    I am looking for these:
    -1x12 or 2x10 lightweight cabs; Neos are nice
  2. El bumpo... I am now considering shipping and have listed for sale prices.
  3. The 700rbII is on its way to Arizona! The RBH115 remains.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.