FT: Hipshot ultralite USA tuners for Microphone

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  1. I would like to trade 4 brand new, un-used, un-installed Hipshot Ultralite USA tuners model: HB6Y-3/8" Y Key Ultralite.

    Purchased brand new from StewMac - one has been taken out of the bag and the screw is missing (only the screw). The other 3 are still in factory (or StewMac) sealed bags with screw.

    I would like to trade for a Microphone. Most likely a condenser - but throw any mic that you would like to trade at me and I'll check it out!





    Spec's from StewMac website:


    Thanks for looking!
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    I have a Nady 900 large diaphragm studio condenser with an Isolation mount if you're interested. Pretty much mint, only used in my studio.
  3. You, sir, have PM
  4. Traded.

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