FT: Hufschmid H6

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  1. Description: Hufschmid H6 - 8/10 condition

    Sapelli Mahogany neck and body
    Ebony fretboard
    25.5" scale length
    "Flat" radius fretboard
    Spalted Maple top
    Indian Rosewood pickup rings
    High quality nickel-silver frets
    Schaller Hannes bridge
    Locking tuners
    Kent Armstrong Hufschmid pickups

    This is the only guitar I've played from Patrick Hufschmid, and aside from looking great, and it a unique guitar in terms of tone and playability. The neck is a lot thicker than you might imagine from an RG/super strat shaped guitar - not like a Les Paul, but not unlike a strat or tele. It thins out a bit as you reach the higher frets. It's very comfortable, however you describe it. The Schaller Hannes gives it a very loud, percussive acoustic tone, that sounds very articulate when combined with the medium-high output pickups.

    The finish of the guitar (oil) has it that you would have to be incredibly careful to prevent putting marks on it. As such, there is a fair amount of very light "buckle rash" or indentations on the back of the guitar, and impressions across the rest of the guitar's surface, but none of it pierces the surface/stain, and is not obvious unless held in the light, except for a tiny ding on the tip of the headstock. The worst flaw is a neck pocket crack, which doesn't threaten to get worse than it is, if my experience is at all reliable.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case

    Location: West Palm Beach, FL

    Contact: PM or e-mail me: [email protected]

    International OK?: Yes, buyer is responsible for all expenses

    References: A lot from sevenstring.org, rig talk, the gear page, harmony central, jemsite, etc.

    Price: $2000 obo - Looking primarily for trades - guitars, amps, basses, etc.



    http://s626.photobucket.com/user/AdamOfAngels/library/Huf H6?sort=3&page=1