FT: Lakland 55-02

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  1. Alexanderharger


    Sep 7, 2011
    2008 Lakland Skyline Series 55-02. This bass is in great condition with only a slight ding on the end of the headstock. There is Schaller strap locks currently. Comes with a Lakland hard-shell case (foot pegs missing).

    This bass plays smooth and sounds great! The pickups are incredible and the tone options are endless with one of the punchiest low B's. This is truly an amazing bass and anyone who has had one or played one can vouch for that.

    To view all of the photos, check out the first few pics here:
    http://s1315.photobucket.com/user/a... 55-02/Serial_zpsc8fe4b78.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0

    As far as trades are concerned i am open for suggestion but i am looking for American Vintage P Bass, or AVRI as well. I am willing to put cash with trade as well.
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    Link doesnt work bro...
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    Link has been working for me.
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    Works now.........beauty
  6. I have a SBMM Ray35 up for trade if you're interested.