SOLD FT: Lakland Skyline HB (CAR) for your 5er

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by overbybr, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. overbybr

    overbybr Supporting Member

    I'm looking for a 5-string, fretted bass to trade for my candy apple red (CAR) Lakland Skyline Hollowbody.

    It's currently strung with TI flats, comes with a tort custom pickguard, and includes the original Levy's gig bag. The pickups (Bartolini) and electronics are all original, and the controls are V/T each for the neck & bridge pickups. The 3-way switch towards the neck is a pickup selector (neck, balanced, bridge), and the small silver switch is a coil tap. In the neck position, the bass has increased low end output, whereas the bridge position for the switch reduces this output by tapping the coils. This bass is passive, and weighs 8.5lbs.

    I also have an ad in the wanted section for this trade.


    Here's a clip from our last show. The audio isn't great, but this bass makes an appearance in the second clip. It at least gives you an idea of size (I'm 6'1")

    I'm fairly specific in what I'm looking for, though I'm more specific in what I'm not looking for (Fretless, Fender, Music Man, G&L)

    I'm looking for the following Lakland basses:
    55-60 (Any finish but natural)
    55-01 (Preferably Spalt)
    DJ-5 (Any finish but natural or silver)

    I'm looking for the following Dingwall Combustion basses:
    5-string Black with Maple board
    5-string White with Rosewood board

    I may entertain a 5-string Peavey Cirrus US Custom Shop with the Tiger Eye top.

    Depending on the bass, I may be willing to add a little cash from my side.
  2. RedsFan75


    Apr 26, 2007
    Free bump for a sweet looking bass. Don't see them in this color much anymore.
  3. overbybr

    overbybr Supporting Member

    Off to the Great White North, or at least, Ontario...
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