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FT: Many Guitars

Discussion in 'For Sale: Other Stuff (Not bass related)' started by Adam Of Angels, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. I've been trying to shift my lot of guitars down to Florida, but simply shipping them there would be unreasonably expensive... so since I already have a wild trading habit, I might as well trade them off. If you're interested in buying, most of these prices are "OBO", and I'm absolutely flexible - if you have partial trades in mind, I don't mind accepting or offering money to make up the difference. Multiple items for one trades in either direction are also welcome. Don't be shy - I encourage you to run any ideas you have by me: adamofangels@gmail.com

    Description: Takamine EG524SC-NS - 9.8/10 condition

    This one is more or less like-new, not having been used a whole lot. As far as affordable acoustics go, it's not only a decent player, but it's quite attractive.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Gig bag

    Price: $300



    Takamine Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    Description: ESP Mirage

    This is a late 80's/early 90's ESP Mirage, and as you can see, its days of beauty are behind it. The finish was stripped in favor of a clearcoat a while ago. I'm not sure if this originally came with an OFR or not, but that's what is on it, and the pickups are now Duncans (the neck pickup might be original, but the bridge is a more recent addition). The condition is not actually too bad on it, however, at about the 16th fret on the bass side, there is a small fretboard crack which I believe it effecting two high notes on both the E and A string. Anybody handy with tools can correct this, but as it is, it's just sitting around not being touched by me.

    Short version: This one might need a bit of work, depending on your preferences, but it has the potential to be a lovely workhorse (which is what it was for most of its life).

    Modifications: Finish stripped, maybe pickups, maybe trem - hard to say. This one has history.

    Accessories: None

    Price: $400



    MII Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    Description: Schecter Blackjack ATX Solo-6 - satin black - 9.8/10 condition

    This one was bought new recently and played maybe twice - its effectively new. Schecter may or may not have had a less than spectacular reputation for several years, but their new stuff is increasingly impressive. I would put this guitar up against anything in its price range, and it would more than likely win.

    The only signs of handling are a couple of shiny spots on the back, but that can be cleaned off without much effort.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case

    Price: $600



    ATX Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    Description: Gibson Les Paul Studio Satin - black - 6/10 condition

    Nice player, sounds nice, has seen better days as far as the finish is concerned. No structural or functional issues, just a variety of paint marks and what not.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Gigbag

    Price: $500



    LP Studio Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    Description: Gibson SGJ - rubbed vintage burst - 9.8/10 condition

    This is a stripped down, bare bones SG, but it is in no way compromised in terms of quality - it plays and sounds better than most Gibsons I've had (not including the Custom Shop stuff - let's be fair), and it is surprisingly gorgeous (check the pictures - they came out alright). If this came without inlays and with a matching headstock, I don't think I could ask for anything more (maybe an ebony board).

    This one has Gibson Burstbucker Pros installed, which do not come with it - I don't know what the stock pickups sound like, but holy hell if it doesn't sound absolutely crushing with these.

    There are no flaws on this one, aside from maybe the slightest signs of handling/playing.

    Modifications: Gibson Burstbucker Pro's

    Accessories: Gibson gigbag

    Price: $600 with Burstbuckers, $450 without them



    SGJ Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    Description: Paul Reed Smith SE Nick Catanese - black cherry - 9.8/10 condition

    Surprisingly, this guitar has the full thickness and weight of an LP, which definitely works toward the tone and character of the guitar. I think these SE's are pretty much unanimously regarded as being a great value. This particular guitar has a great clear low end and a really comfortable neck.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: PRS gigbag

    Price: $600



    NC SE Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    Description: LTD ZH-7 - 9.8/10 condition

    One of the cooler LTD's I've owned, even though I'm a fan of them to begin with. The neck is super comfortable - not huge like some other 7 strings on the market, and it has some nice touches like the actual black hardware, locking tuners, and seemingly high quality, gorgeous quilt top (check the pictures).

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case

    Price: $850



    ZH-7 Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    Description: Spector NS2-JA-R '83 Reissue - white - 9.8/10 condition
    Nice bass, and nearly what I want in a bass feature-wise, but I'm not crazy about the fretboard being on this particular guitar.

    No flaws from what I can tell - very very clean.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Gigbag

    Price: $1200



    Spector Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    Description: Fender American Deluxe 60th Anniversary Strat - sunburst - 9.6/10 condition

    As nice of a strat as anybody could ask for, as far as I'm concerned. The neck is technically a "soft V", which I had always heard about and imagined to be awful... however, I was surprised when I found out that this one had that contour, as its not much different than a regular, rounded Strat neck that I'm accustomed to. In any case, this one sounds excellent, and brings the EJ out of me (this is a good thing).

    Overall great condition, with just a few minor bumps (nothing through the finish or anything close to that - everything is documented in the pictures).

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case

    Price: $1300



    Deluxe Strat Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    Description: Caparison Applehorn - stone/grey - 9.4/10 condition

    This one is all around cool shredder with a dash of quirkiness (note: the giant apple with devil horns in the middle of the body). It works on its on, but if you are familiar with Mattias IA Eklundh, it is easily 10x cooler.

    It has some small dents/impressions on it that you can see if you look for them closely, and there are two very faint neckpocket cracks in the finish (not in the wood, just barely into the finish - they're hard to see in most light).

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case

    Price: $1600



    Applehorn Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    Description: EVH USA Wolfgang - black cherry - 9.7/10 condition

    These are surprisingly under-rated guitars - I haven't played any of its predecessors (Peavey or Music Man) that can hold up to it. Then again, it has the advantage of having Stainless Steel frets on top of an already excellent build quality.

    There is some very faint signs of scratches from a buckle or something on the back, but its hard to find even with adequate lighting, let alone a camera. Most of it is on the trem plate. Very minor. The guitar is very clean over all.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case

    Price: $2000



    EVH Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    Description: Paul Reed Smith Custom 22 Artist - tortoise shell - 9.7/10 condition

    Maybe the best looking PRS I've owned - look at the top in the pictures.. it's absurd. That combined with the color, gold hardware, and uniform matching fretboard/headstock are over the top. It plays like a champion and sounds wonderful.

    The only flaws are the faintest sign of buckle rash on the back - I tried to photograph it maybe 50 times before I actually got it to show up a bit. Its as minor as rash can be, but I felt the need to mention it.

    Modifications: None

    Accessories: Hardshell case, tags and such

    Price: $2800



    Cu22 Artist Photos by AdamOfAngels | Photobucket

    Location: Mt. Pleasant, PA

    References: A lot from sevenstring.org, rig talk, the gear page, jemsite, talk bass, harmony central, jemsite, my les paul, etc.

    Contact: PM or e-mail: adamofangels@gmail.com
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  15. Adam,

    can you please put the ESP on hold for me until the end of the week? I have a three-step going on so I don't want to make the things even more complicated :)

    Also, I think I saw a John Petrucci among your gear,so, just a thought if you had interest in a rare\old lakland 4-94... just thinking
  16. The ESP is actually claimed as of now
  17. ok, please notify whether it is taken or not. Was I wrong about a JP that you had going?
  18. I have two different JP7's right now, but neither were ever listed
  19. oh.

    anyway, bump
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