FT: Modulus Genesis 5

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  1. billhw13


    May 10, 2002
    Clinton, NJ
    Hey guys... picked up this bass in a trade recently, thinking I'd like to go back to a 5 string...well, I was wrong. I guess this old dog has been playing a p-bass w/ flats for too long!

    Kidding aside, it's a very comfortable neck, and thanks to the graphite - it never moves! I played it at a rehearsal last night and it sounds fantastic...I wish I had this exact bass in a 4 string. It's not overly bright, and has alot of definition in the mids - very much like that jazz tone that Tommy Shannon has on many of the SRV recordings...(i.e think Texas Flood).
    It has a few nicks here and there..not much...and the B is tight (35" scale). ...I know, some of you will chuckle at the color ..I happen to like it - it's called metallic plum and it looks very cool in person. really.

    Anyways - I'd like to trade this sweetie and get it to someone who will appreciate her, , metallic plum color and all!

    Looking to trade for a cool 4 ..run em by me. We can trade up and down, whatever...I'm pretty easy as long as market values are ballpark.
    take a look..

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