FT: My Avatar B410 Neo + cash for your Carvin BRX 4.10

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  1. obviously, prefer a local deal.

    I love my avatar, but I've fallen in love with my BX1200 + BRX 2.10 combo and want to take a full BRX stack with me for gigs, for cleanliness and such. I've found the avatar to just not have the same kind of low end that the BRX delivers.

    Avatar is 4 ohms and covered in black tolex, bought it from TB member Davidjbass about 6 months ago, was in brand new condition, not even broken in yet. It's been gigged a whole bunch and has the character to prove it, but it still sounds like it does the day it was fully broken in.

    few pictures:

    any special requests for pictures, I'll take them.

    Since both cabs are pretty heavy, I'd prefer a local deal, willing to drive pretty far so anything in new england/new york might work out

    cab and cash in your hand depending on condition, both these cabs go for about the same new but mine has a few nicks and scrapes.

    Toss an offer at me and lets see if we can't make a deal!

    When I compare my brx to my avatar, here's the sound difference for those on the fence:

    Avatar: crisp across the range, very defined when using a pick, full bottom

    Carvin: fuller bottom, tweeter less pronouced, less modern sounding IMO.

    lets make a deal! :bassist:
  2. giving it a bump

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